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The main event is the election. Get involved. Make a difference for your candidates.

Precinct Caucus

This year the Precinct Caucus Day is on Tuesday, March 16, 2010.

Registered voters from your neighborhood who attend the caucus are chosen as delegates to the County, State or Congressional Assemblies. Issues are discussed and committee people chosen to represent the precinct. 

Thank you in advance to all those who plan to attend.


County Assembly

This year the Larimer County Assembly will be Saturday,April 3rd at the Hilton Hotel in Fort Collins. At County Assembly, delegates are given an opportunity to learn about and/or meet prospective candidates. Delegates are then asked to choose a candidate for each office. A potential candidate must receive at least 30 percent of the delegate vote at the Assembly in order to have his/her name placed on the Primary Election ballot. Delegates are selected at the county assembly from among the members of the county assemblies for all other party assemblies.


Primary Election

If more than one candidate gets 30% of the vote at an assembly it goes back to the voters. The eligible candidates run against each other in a Primary Election.

Primary elections are held the second Tuesday in August. During the primary, registered Republicans or Democrats select the candidates to represent their party in the general election. In order to vote in the primary election, voters must be registered for at least 29 days according to the county clerk records. Any unaffiliated eligible voter may declare a political party affiliation when they desire to vote at a primary election. Any eligible elector desiring to change or withdraw their affiliation may do so by completing and signing a request for the change or withdrawal and filing it with the county clerk and recorder, or by submitting a personal letter to the county clerk and recorder at any time up to and including the twenty-ninth day preceding the primary election.


General Election

The winners of the primary get their party’s nomination and go on to the General Election in November.






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